Impact of COVID-19 on Hand Sanitizer Market Demand & Industry growth by 2026, Fortune Business Insights™

The hand sanitizer market size was anticipated to reach USD 1.35 billion in 2020 before the Covid-19 outbreak and it would rise tremendously from an annual growth rate of 5.06% to 45.71% in 2020.


The globalImpact ofCOVID-19 on hand sanitizer market sizeis likely to gain traction from the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. It hasresulted in the increasing demand for personal hygiene products, namely, handwash, soaps, tissue papers, and sanitizers worldwide. This information is givenby Fortune Business Insights™in anewly published report, titled, “Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Hand Sanitizer MarketSize, Share, Industry Analysis and RegionalForecast.” 

The reportfurther mentions that the Impactof COVID-19 on hand sanitizer market size was anticipated to reach USD1.35 billion in 2020 before the Covid-19 outbreak. However, on account ofthe present scenario, it is likely to generate USD 1.87 billion this year. In addition to this, it would rise tremendouslyfrom an annual growth rate of 5.06% to 45.71% in 2020. 

Theemergence of COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill. We understand thatthis health crisis has brought an unprecedented impact on businesses acrossindustries. However, this too shall pass. Rising support from governments andseveral companies can help in the fight against this highly contagious disease. There are some industries that are struggling and some are thriving. Overall, almost every sector is anticipated to be impacted by the pandemic. 

We aretaking continuous efforts to help your business sustain and grow duringCOVID-19 pandemics. Based on our experience and expertise, we will offer you animpact analysis of coronavirus outbreak across industries to help you preparefor the future. 

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Regional Analysis- 

Rising Awareness about Personal Hygiene Productsin Many Regions toAid Growth  

NorthAmerica procured USD 485.59 million in 2019 in terms of revenue and occupiedaround 38% of the global market. As per one of our analysts, “The level ofexposure experienced by every region will vary.” Several factors areresponsible for the same. The governments of many countries are taking various initiatives to reduce the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Besides, the number of awareness programs regarding personal hygiene products in rural areas, as well as import & export activities would contribute to the varying levels of impact of this pandemic worldwide.  

Competitive Landscape- 

Industries Shift towards Sanitizer Business to Cater to theGrowing Needs 

The outbreakof Covid-19 pandemic is resulting in the rapid shift of a large number ofcompanies, such as agriculture, beauty products, skincare, and liquor in producingsanitizers to meet the increasing demand. Below are a couple of the most recentindustry developments: 

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Fortune Business Insights™ lists out all the hand sanitizer companiesthat are presently striving to reduce the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on themarket:  

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